Harjeet Singh Arora - Managing Director

With India on the path of growing trajectory, there has always been a need to lay a strong foundation of world-class infrastructure with proper power and modern amenities. In 1992, Shri Harjeet Singh Arora under his dynamic, self-motivated, energetic and forceful leadership established Real Estate & Infrastructure Company by the name Best Group of Companies. Over the period of last 30 years, Mr. Arora has laid a strong foundation of world-class infrastructure and due to his strong vision; he has come up with many prestigious commercial and residential buildings especially in Delhi &NCR. Having an expertise in developing and marketing of real estate projects, Shri Harjeet Singh Arora has grown from a small company to a trendsetter in the development of real estate infrastructure projects with his innovative management practices and dynamic leadership.

Shri Arora who is the Managing Director of Best Group of Companies heads the Planning Department and has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the Real Estate and Hospitality industry. He is a true leader and a guiding spirit behind this group. Having a vision for achieving and setting benchmarks with selfless service towards the organization, Shri Harjeet Singh Arora has scaled new heights by consciously taking efforts in making his presence felt among masses. A soft-spoken, friendly and visionary entrepreneur, Shri Arora with his foresightedness and determination to take up the challenging tasks has made everything possible in building a large real estate empire. This group was founded on his ability to turn difficult mandates into profitable solutions. He has been instrumental in establishing a brand “The Best Group” and helped to cover many milestones.

Anu Aggarwal - Director (Financial Planning) 

A graduate in commerce from the most prestigious college of Delhi University Sri Ram College Of Commerce (SRCC), Shri Anu Aggarwal is heading as Director Financial Planning in Best Group of Companies. Under his dynamic leadership and in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of financial planning, Shri Anu Aggarwal has led many prestigious assignments in his professional career over the years.

Having a dynamic personality and futuristic vision with a positive disciplined approach towards work, Shri Anu Aggarwal is heading the strategic development and financial planning department of the Best Group of Companies. Under his most effective financial planning and proper administrative strategies, company has grown many folds and also shown an upward trajectory in making profits in the field of Real Estate and Infrastructure over the period of last 30 years. A very balanced, calm and soft spoken human being, Shri Anu Aggarwal is an effective, efficient, strong headed, flexible and a loyal person.

Harshpreet Arora – Director - Marketing

Harshpreet Arora after completing his Master’s in Business Management from London decided to join family business with his father Shri Harjeet Singh Arora, a pioneer and a great visionary in Real Estate and Infrastructure industry. As a young entrepreneur having a mission to escalate the present business to its new heights through his open mind and ability to focus on the most important things, he has decided to expand his business in the field of “Marketing” adopting latest innovative marketing strategies with absolute clarity of purpose after holding the position of Director Marketing in Best Group of Companies. Hard-working business owners are incredibly motivated to succeed.  Keeping this thing in mind and his farsightedness with strategic planning in the field of marketing, Harshpreet Arora is proving to be a successful entrepreneur keeping one eye on a big picture. With clarity in mind and using latest technologies, he is trying to expand father’s business under his proper guidance, teachings and motivation.